Forex Psychology

The Psychology of Trading Forex

Save Your Trading Account From Collapsing

Forex Trading Psychology

Psychology Finance FantasyFeeling stuck and need a quick solution?

Jumped head first into this thing called forex and now you’re drowning?

There are many hazards to be aware of.  The main hazard is yourself.  When you know yourself, you can control your actions.  Therefore, know yourself.

Did you know the best way to be successful in forex trading is to not trade forex?  Yes.  90% of retail forex traders lose money.  So if you just avoid trading in this market, then you’ve outperformed 90% of the traders that are trading in it.

OK, not trading it is not an option.  So, now what?

Well, there is this handy little book called Forex Survival Manual that will guide you through those rough parts of this market and bring you out the other end profitable.  It is focused on the psychology of trading and is vitally important to your trading career.

Forex Survival Manual PsychologyOk, enough joking.  This book presents the psychology of trading forex in a fun and engaging way so the reader remembers the lessons and takes action.  Do make use of it.  There are also trading journal and thought journal pages at the end of it.

If you were looking for the most entertaining book on forex trading, this is it.

Forex Survival Manual.


Forex Survival Manual

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