Forex Trading Books and Health Books

Forex Books

If you were ever searching for the best forex book out there, then your search has ended.  This page is what you were looking for.  But before we get into that, lets talk about wealth.

Wealth is that thing that we need but can’t admit that we need.  Having the goal of acquiring wealth has a stigma attached to it.  So let’s just get past that and admit that we all want to be rich.

OK.  Now, on to the fun stuff.  If you use the power of compounding interest, you could be very wealthy in a few short years.

Compound Interest

Now, 20% return a year is pretty good.  But I know successful forex traders averaging 20% returns every month.  Yes, every month.

But to be successful in the forex market, you have to be in the top 10% of traders, because the lower 90% don’t make any money or lose their entire investment.  My goal is to remedy that.

I’ve written two books on trading the forex market.  The first forex book is Infographical Forex and the second forex book is Forex Survival Manual.  They are both graphically pleasing, keeping the reader entertained and interested.  The infographs keep the reader engaged and the information stays with the reader longer than just words alone.

Forex Book – Infographical Forex

Infographical Forex Book

In Infographical Forex, many concepts are covered.  You don’t have to master them all, but you should become familiar with them because you will most likely encounter them at some point during your trading career.  This forex book gives you the tools you need to develop your own trading style and trading strategies.

Forex Book – Forex Survival Manual

Forex Survival Manual Book

In Forex Survival Manual, the trader is made aware of the dangers of trading this market and offers advice to keep a level head while trading.  Many say that psychology is one third of trading.  I say it is more like 50%.  Without the right mindset, you will be among the 90% who are struggling.  To get into the top 10% level, you must have the right mindset.  This forex book helps you get there. Visit this page for more info on this book.

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Beware of the dangers out there, use your head, and now go make that money.

Health Books

How can we enjoy our wealth if we are not healthy?

Wealth and health both need to be present.  One without the other and we feel that we are lacking in some area of our lives.  I’ve written some health books to go along with the wealth creation books.  They are alternative health remedies designed to make you healthy, if you aren’t, without the medical industry’s side-effect-laden “cures”.

The first is called Infographical Remedy.  It covers about 150 conditions.  It includes what your physician would most likely prescribe to you and also what a natural healer would recommend.  And it is made entirely of infographics so you remember them. How awesome is that!

Health Book – Infographical Remedy

Infographical Remedy Book

The next is for one of the most common conditions–Joint Pain.  Yes, pain in the joints is something all adults will have to endure at some point.  I got the idea for it after I had a motorcycle accident and suffered some ankle and knee damage.  It has since healed–mostly–due to the remedies in this book.

Health Book – Joint Pain

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If you are in a country outside of the U.S., then just search Amazon in your country for the relevant books, they should be there.  Enjoy!