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Infographical Forex is the forex book you want in your collection.


Infographical Forex Book

Are you a forex junkie?

You are itching to get your hands on anything forex and can’t.  You know you have to stay away from your trading screen to avoid over-trading.  You know you need to pursue productive hobbies.

You try some physical exercise.  You are tired after one set.  You attempt to read a fiction book.  You get two pages in and start wondering how your trade positions are performing.  You pull out your cellphone and check the MetaTrader app.  Not much change.  The market is fairly flat.  You look around for something to do to take your mind off of forex.  Then you realize--you are a forex junkie.

Forex Book

Your fix:

If you haven’t heard of Infographical Forex.  You are in for a treat.  Your fix is potent and effective.  It has everything you have been looking for.  All the elements that go into a good forex book with all the unnecessary junk filtered out.  It provides a visual euphoria to your right brain while your left brain soaks in the critical concepts.

Actual testimonials from current junkies:

  • I’m a very visual learner so I found the graphical style of this book particularly appealing.
  •  …it has a ton of information packed into a small book.
  • I love the fact that the author trimmed all the fat and got right down to it which makes it great for traders…
  • This book is way too cool!
  • Infographical Forex is like no other book that I have seen on forex or indeed any other subject matter.
  • This book is unique in the sense that the author provides graphic charts and a ladder index which shows the path leading from understanding to become a forex trader.Forex Terms

The worth of something is determined by how many opponents it has.

Know that there are people that would love to see this book taken off the market.  Those people don’t get it and never will.  Those people don’t want others to succeed.  They are the looters of society and they are plenty.  You are not like them.  You have grand goals and aim to achieve them.  This book will be there along the way.

The critics say that a proper book should be hundreds of pages in length.  It should not be colorful nor stimulating.  They are the ones who go for the generic stuff.  This is premium.

OK, enough of the Ayn Rand references, let’s get on with it.

Don’t have the patience to read the rest of this post?

Then get your fix here:

75 Full-Page Infographics

It has about 75 full page infographics and a step ladder of progression between each page.  75 pages of infographics and you become a professional trader of the forex market.  Forex Sentiment COT Report

This forex book is a full course on forex trading.  It is complete with beginner information as well as advanced trading concepts that veteran traders can enjoy.

Topics Covered

Just look at this partial list of topics covered:

  • The history of forex
  • market structure and players
  • forex orders and brokers
  • types of forex analysis
  • trendlines, channels
  • support & resistance
  • candlestick patterns
  • many technical indicators explained and with strategies
  • fundamental analysis
  • Elliott waves
  • gold, oil
  • forex sentiment
  • trading the news
  • trading plans, styles, and systems
  • risk and trade management
  • forex scams
  • forex strategies

Forex Ichimoku

Check out this cute 2 minute video about how William and Smokey discover this book.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go and get your copy.

By the way, if you have this sitting on the coffee table, it will be the most interesting point of conversation among your guests.

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