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Complete Forex Course Extras!

Extras for the Complete Forex Course

The course is complete.  You can get the resources here.

This is me working on the course:

Salman working on course

Sweetspots is an indicator for the MT4 platform.  It adds psychological levels to your charts.  Whole numbers, half numbers, and quarter numbers.  The link: Sweetspots

Candlestick pattern recognition is vital if using a naked (no indicator) approach.  So, to invalidate this approach (just kidding), we’re going to add an indicator that helps us identify these candles.  Get it here: Pattern Recognition Master

MACD is another lecture that includes resources.  Here they are:

Fibonacci is one of the few leading indicators that works.  Here is a Fibonacci extension indicator: FiboCalcV31

Bollinger Bands are used for many trading strategies.  Here’s an indicator that alerts you when the price reaches the bands: Bollinger Alert

Pivot Points are used as support and resistance lines. Here are daily, weekly, and monthly pivot points: Pivot Points

Elliott Waves get a little complicated when trying to plot them.  Luckily, here is an indicator that does it for you. Elliott Waves

Harmonic Patterns are difficult to identify.  The indicators for this one are expensive, but here’s one that identifies some of the patterns. Harmonic Patterns

Multi Time Frame Trading can be a chore.  Well, guess what?  Here’s an indicator that tracks several indicators across different time frames.  It’s called signal bars. Multi Time Frame Trading Indicator

Good luck in your trading.

If you are not a student of this course yet, here is the link:

Complete Forex Course

2 thoughts on “Complete Forex Course Extras!

  1. Hi Salman,

    Mayank Kumar here from India, I’m going all your lessons. Just wanted to include that I’m entry level fx trader or a kid and chose your course to start learning and I can say you are the best instructor here. I repeatedly go through all the lecture and trying learning all the information.

    Keep up the great work.

    Mayank Kumar
    CEO & Head of Marketing
    Media Central

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