Get Started with Your Bitcoin Investing and Auto-Trading Strategy


Step 1: Get Bitcoin

My recommended bitcoin wallet is  You can start with as little as $25.  But if you put in $100 or more with this link, then they will give you an additional $10.  That’s a 10% gain for doing nothing!

This is the link for the extra $10: Coinbase with an extra $10. 

Now that you have some Bitcoin, you can stop here and just watch the value of Bitcoin increase in value.  This is OK for some, but we want more.  Look at step 2 if you want to turbo-charge your bitcoin investment.

Step 2:

Not much left to do.  Just spread out your investment into the other coins that Coinbase has available and hold.  No trading required–just hold.  I recommend an equal amount in all the coins available.  If they add coins, then reallocate accordingly.

For example, if Coinbase has 4 coins available, put 25% of your investment into each of them.